As it is finally beginning to appear that our long and snowy winter in the Greater Vancouver Area is coming to an end our attention begins to shift to the Spring.  The snow melts, the rain slowly subsides and the realization of the excessive mess we’re left with to clean up prior to our sunny months kicks in.  To help go along with our own natural desire to witness the “rebirth” spring offers through the natural life cycle of plant life, we humans seem to instinctual coincide with this feeling, often shown through the desire to do some spring cleaning.  There is something about the feeling that a good thorough clean offers.  It tends to clear the mind and leave us with a feeling of satisfaction.  Couple that with nice, sunny weather and that is a recipe for a good mental state.  As the weather begins to improve many people around the city of Vancouver begin to notice the general mood is lifted after the months of grey. Maybe it’s not the sun but rather everyone’s successful cleanup. Regardless, it is time to get out from under the clouds, rise from the ashes in your new spit polished house.

One of Canada’s Cities primary goals as a website is to promote sustainable ways of life within Canada.  We believe in buying local, sustainable business practice and healthy communities.  We believe in promoting local business’ who embody these key principles.  Junk Removal Vancouver has shown great initiative when it comes to promoting a reduction in everyone’s desire to consume.  They promote ‘Reduction’ as opposed to the typical consumer based mentality which comes with it excessive waste. With one of the gloomiest months on record many of us were trapped indoors hiding from the poor weather.  As soon as the sun begins to shine we will be crawling out of our caves to enjoy some of the much needed vitamin D.  Cleaning your patio area ahead of time would be wise to ensure maximum usage of your space.  Using a junk removal service is a great way to kick start any spring cleanup.  Along with saving you time and effort junk removal companies can be a great way to force you to make decisions about items which you may have been hanging on to.  Instead of sending everything to the dump ensure whichever junk removal service you use has a donation policy so those who are in need can enjoy your lightly used, but no longer in fashion furniture or appliances, so long as they are still in working order.

To further make your life easy, the city of Delta lends it’s residents a helping hand.  They have waived their normal garbage volume limits to accommodate this cleanup. For more information regarding their spring clean up changes check out

In addition to our own personal spring cleanup, the city of Vancouver and neighbouring municipalities like Port Moody, Burnaby and Coquitlam have a large amount of road work to catch up on. After our snowier than usual winter snowplows have unfortunately done quite a number on many of the roads. Potholes surround the streets where temporary patches didn’t hold. Couple that with the regular increase in expected road work and we will be in for a busy summer traffic wise. Because of the increased obstacles in the road, be sure to leave extra space while driving to allow for time to react to potholes and save yourself any possible alignment issues.