As the primary western end of Canada’s cross-country highway and rail track, Metro Vancouver is North America’s entryway for Asia-Pacific exchange, the main city in western Canada and one of the country’s biggest mechanical focuses. The beauty of it’s setting, surrounded by mountains and clear blue sea make it one the most lovely urban areas on the planet.

Steady Economy

Metro Vancouver’s solid economy is pulling in attention from organizations around the globe. The locale’s underlying foundations were established around asset divisions like mining, fishing and realestate, yet have now ventured into innovation based enterprises, film and TV and tourism. With the flood of new inhabitants, development and land are also improving.

  • Third biggest city in Canada
  • Business-accommodating migration arrangements filling developing work force
  • Business costs are comparable with other Pacific Northwest areas
  • Host of the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games which continues to help fuel the economy and tourism

Superior Entryway

Metro Vancouver is a well set up gateway to North American and Asian markets with significant ports, rail and one of the world’s best airports. It is the third-biggest port for outside shipping activity on the West Coast, and the nearest significant port to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea, exchanging more than $43 billion in products with more than 90 different nations every year.

  • Favourable time zone, halfway between Europe and Asia
  • Significant joining of air, sea, street and rail
  • Second busiest worldwide airport in Canada, second in North America for Asian transporters
  • Biggest all climate deep-water port in the Pacific NorthWest, served by 3 Class 1 intercontinental railroads
  • Extra multi-purpose port

Government Incentives

As well as the region’s inviting monetary and administrative atmosphere, every city in British Columbia has it’s own business improvement activities intended to energize investments and expedite grants and business applications. Each has the foundation and committed labour to energize and empower new business to succeed.

  • Provincial tax credits, exclusions and conclusions to empower business speculation
  • Property charge exceptions; assess credits for Research and development speculations; no finance charges
  • Under (NAFTA) obligation free access to business sectors in the United States and Mexico
  • Accessible governmental incentives reflect BC’s credits
  • Particular incentives in all areas of Metro Vancouver

Balanced, Diverse Industry

From the high-tech sector to the movie industry, green sciences to medical sciences, Metro Vancouver has a wide scope of industry segments. EA VancouverRealSpace 3d, and Microsoft all have headquarters in Vancouver.

  • ITC: remote correspondences; e-business programming; IP arrange advancements; semiconductor outline
  • Life sciences: atomic therapeutics; genomics; diagnostics and imaging
  • Film and TV: North America’s third-biggest production focus
  • New media: electronic games; artificial intelligence; computerized activity and embellishments
  • Tourism
  • Advanced production facilities: aviation; robotization frameworks; prepare building
  • Clean fuel advances: power modules; clean diesel frameworks
  • Transportation
  • Land improvement, development, landscaping


The quantity of individuals with post-secondary training has been consistently expanding since 1990. Metro Vancouver’s Composite Learning List is higher than the Canadian norms and library use is among the most noteworthy in the nation.  Athletics, arts, and cultural exercises are diverse and all around well attended.

  • 57% of workforce has post-secondary instruction, 27% with a college degree (2006 enumeration)
  • More than 65,000 understudies in colleges and specialized schools
  • 10 different universities or colleges, creating more than 29,000 graduates every year
  • Consistent supply of very skilled labourers with an aptitude for building, assembling and Research and development
  • Biggest workforce in BC, populace becoming every year by 30,000; 1.5 million employment opportunities predicted by 2031
  • Immigration has created cultural diversity; 42% of people in Vancouver are capable of speaking in another dialect (2006 evaluation)
  • Support and spending for arts and culture 18% higher than Canadian normal

Superb Way of life

Impressive landscape, inviting multi-cultural groups, masterfully created social frameworks, affordable taxes, government subsidized social insurance. These one of a kind social and natural luxuries, consolidated with high expectations for everyday comforts, pull in skilled individuals from everywhere throughout the world and make Metro Vancouver North America’s most coveted and alluring spot to be.

  • World’s most liveable city locale (Economist Intelligence Unit, 2008)
  • North America’s top rated city for personal satisfaction, third on the planet (Mercer Report, 2006)
  • Mild Climate; 1,928 hours of sun every year
  • About 200,000 hectares secured as green zone, including parks and territories
  • Shorelines, parks, three ski mountains, boating, community sport buildings
  • Provincial long term maintainability procedure secures present and future personal ways of life
  • Social soundness and low crime rates make a sheltered and secure living environment

Wellbeing and education are musts in British Columbia; the Province has Canada’s most elevated general training levels and longest life expectancies